Web Services

Conversion Software Registry
URL: http://isda.ncsa.illinois.edu/NARA/CSR

The Conversion Software Registry (CSR) is a registry of software indexed according to the file formats they are capable of opening and saving. The CSR complements file format registries (such as PRONOM and GDFR) and addresses a need to identify software capable of carrying out specific data conversions without having to obtain the software first.

Lincoln Papers
URL: http://isda.ncsa.uiuc.edu/lpapers/search.html

A web-based interface demo developed in conjuction with the 2009 bicentennial celebration of Lincoln's birth allows users to search a repository of Lincoln's writings and interact with the results in a multi-dimensional dashboard.

Market Maker
URL: http://www.marketmaker.uiuc.edu

MarketMaker is a platform that seeks to foster business relationships between producers and consumers of food industry products and services, including connecting consumers to locally grown food.

Medici (Demo Instance)
URL: http://medici-demo.ncsa.illinois.edu

Medici is a web-based content repository for structured and unstructured data providing a platform for automatic metadata extraction, automatic data previews, distributed/heterogeneous data sources, social curation, and provenance. Medici addresses the problem of data preservation in a world with growing amounts of digital data, much of which is not properly curated.

URL: http://polyglot.ncsa.illinois.edu

Convert between file formats. Utilizing a tool called a Software Server to program against functionality within arbitrary 3rd party software, Polyglot is a distributed service which carries out file format conversions utilizing the open, save, import, and export capabilities amongst a dynamic and extensible collection of available software. Polyglot address the need to access content amongst the many possible formats available to store data digitally. Polyglot also addresses the problem of information loss that inevitably occurs through conversion and provides means of quantifying that loss and then minimizing it during future conversions.

SEAD (Demo Instances)
URL: http://sead-demo.ncsa.illinois.edu

SEAD demonstration site where you can explore the capabilities of SEAD's light-weight data services. SEAD allows you to: find data, work with data, publish and preserve data, explore research and data resources across the community.

SeaGrant GeoDashboard
URL: http://greatlakesmonitoring.org

Explore data from the Great Lakes. Effort to develop a web application providing easy access to environmental monitoring data collected by various sources throughout the Great Lakes.

URL: http://versus.ncsa.illinois.edu/versus-web

Compare two files using a variety of content based measures. Versus is a framework which decomposes digital content based comparisons into reusable components of adapters which load data, extractors which extract semantically meaningful features within the data, descriptors which represent the data contents, measures which compare two descriptors to obtain a numerical difference, and indexers which organize a set of content descriptors according to some measure for efficient retrieval. Versus addresses a need to compare digital content amongst unstructured data (e.g. raw sensor data) and search collections for similar data.

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