Research Themes; Current and Past * Projects
* denotes Past projects
  1. CyberInfrastructure environments: Workflow environments, provenance information gathering.

  2. Analyses of Electronic Records and Historical Documents: Image/text/vector graphics extraction from PDF documents, storage and information retrieval tradeoffs, loss introduced by file format conversions, integrity verifications, grouping of electronic records, optical character recognition from paper forms, automated detection of regions of interest in image scans, information aggregation and classification, and knowledge repository building from extracted information.

    Understanding Preservation and Reconstruction of Electronic Records:

    PDF document understanding: image and text extraction and classification. PDF capabilities of Im2Learn.*

    Historical Documents:

  3. Intelligent spaces: Hazard sensing: Wireless sensor communication; Spectral sensor registration and calibration; Multi-sensor data fusion; Collaborative robot control for sensor deployment; Spatially adaptive hazard sensing;

    Tele-immersive Environments:

    Hazard Aware Environments: Robotic teleoperation.*

  4. Multi-spectral and hyper-spectral analysis and modeling: Raster and vector data processing; Feature extraction and selection from high-dimensional data; Statistical, model-based and hybrid scene analysis and synthesis.

    Hyperspectral Imagery:

  5. Medical and bioinformatics data: 3D reconstruction from 2D confocal microscopy imagery; Microarray data analysis; Data integration of 3D multi-modal data: MRI, DTI, histology;

    Understanding Medical and Bio-informatics Data:

  6. Data mining of large size datasets with geospatial information: Integration of remote sensing, airborne imagery and ground measurements.
    Geospatial information systems: Integration of raster, vector and tabular data with georeferencing information, uncertainty analysis of integration;

    Large datasets with geospatial information: